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National Center of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection (NCRRP) has been established in 1963 as a scientific organization and a specialized body of the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria. All issues concerning radiation protection of population. NCRRP is the main authority of the national system for control of ionizing radiation and health monitoring of radiation exposed population groups.

NCRRP carries out a number of activities referring to research the biological effects and risk assessment at radiation exposure, provides consultation and prophylaxis, performs diagnostic and treatment, education and qualification, and sets up the methodology and organization in the field of radiation protection. NCRRP maintains database of national health control register of radiation exposed persons, national dosimetry register and register of objects with sources of ionizing radiation.

NCRRP activities include monitoring of population exposed to normal and increased radiation background and assessment of radiation risk; survey on optimization of medical exposure of the population; ensures quality control in medical radiology; performs biological dosimetry.

The radiation control performed by NCRRP includes: external and internal dosimetric control, metrological control of ionizing radiation used in medicine, control of nuclear facilities and uranium mining, control of radioactive contaminated water, soil, air, vegetation, safety and food quality, safety of materials and goods with increased content of radionuclides and control of irradiated foods.