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National Centre for Radiobiology and Radiation Protection (NCRRP) has been established at 1963 years a health-research institution dealing with the matters of the public health. Its main goal is the protection of Bulgarian population from the harmful influence of the ionizing radiation. NCRRP ensures the official control of the parameters of working and living environment, assessment and reduction of public exposure to the ionizing sources, dosimetry control of personal external and internal exposure, risk assessments for the population as well as for particular groups. 

Official health monitoring for professionals working with ionizing radiation has been obligatory science 1966 and has been a priority for the NCRRP activities. Division of Radiation Medicine and Staff Insurance is the only diagnostic, consultative and knowledge providing section in the field of prophylactic radiation medicine and radiation pathology in Bulgaria, that meets the European requirements. NCRRP receives for medical examination all cases of individuals exposed in radiation accidents in Sofia and Sofia district, but when bio-dosimetry is needed it handles cases from all the country. We provide consultations for problem cases relevant to radiation pathology. 

NCRRP maintains registry of clinically superintended individuals, individuals participated in radiation incidents, individuals permanently or temporarily prohibited to work with ionizing radiation, as well as individuals injured from ionizing radiation.